Full Length Fenders

Ideal for commute or winter training bikes, full length fenders are designed to be fitted permanently to your bike and offer the best level of protection from roadspray or mud, as any water or dirt flicked up by your tires whilst riding along will be blocked by the fenders.

As well as offering a much more pleasant riding experience, the protection offered by full length fenders also means less time cleaning your bike and potentially less money spent on replacement parts, as bits won’t be prematurely worn out by wet, dirt, road salt and the like.

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As long as you have fender mounting points on your bike, you should be able to fit full length fenders - if you’re pushing the upper limit of your bike’s tire clearance you may need to downsize your tires to fit them in but otherwise you should be all good.

The fitting process is a little more involved for full length fenders compared to clip on ones or splashguards but once on they should last really well and not need any attention for a few years.

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