Cycling Over Shoes

Cycling over shoes are your friends when it comes to giving the old heave-ho to cold toes and wet feet on the bike. Once it has flown off and around your wheel, rain and wind make their first port of call at your feet, and that isn't a pleasant experience without protection. The answer then is to boot up, and with a plethora of models available, this is an easy and relatively inexpensive thing to do. Look for well placed zips, touches of reflectivity (the feet are ideal reflective carriers, because as your feet move the reflectivity 'flashes' on and off), and a sturdy construction. A tired cyclist is no sacred protector of detail and delicacy, so a well made overshoe will hopefully resist the ill treatment of several post ride wrangles in the kitchen.

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Cycling 'Over' Socks

A twist on the traditional overshoe is the 'sock style' overshoe. These products have no weather stopping abilities bar a little wind resistance, but they do have an important role to play, both in tidying up old looking shoes, and helping the rider's feet cut through the air in time trials.
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