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Setting out on a point to point is always a challenge. For all the plotting of stops, careful picking of routes and intricate tracing of lines, a long ride is an experiment in serendipity. With the Pas Normal Studios riders no strangers to the ways of the rivet, even for this road-hardened group of friends, deciding to ride from Oslo to Copenhagen was a task of some magnitude.

A thin ribbon of graphite scrawling its way effortlessly across a map though is deceptive and does nothing to convey the reality of tarmac stretching almost endlessly between two points. The sheer rigour of the 700km task they had set themselves was not immediately apparent, but riding from Oslo to Copenhagen, the route would take them from Norway to Sweden, and then finally, back towards Denmark, all within the space of three days.

Putting themselves in the path of the chill northerly, and buffeted by coastal headwinds, the elements were bound to play a part in the lands that produce the true hard men of the North. Testing their mettle, the Pas Normal crew were to find out that when setting out in search of the horizon, the road isn't always so sympathetic to grand ambition. With scenery flickering from fields, forests, and fjords, this ride was to be more than an exercise in cadence counting, watt output, and calories burnt - this was a pursuit of cycling purism, of being out there, and on the way somewhere.

Documenting their journey in film and on film, Pas Normal Studios once again prove their credentials as a brand composed of real cyclists, and a truly international cycling club. Presenting you extracts from their gallery, and the filmic product of their mini-epic, this Danish outfit share the fruit of their experience riding the roads of Northernmost Europe.



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