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Recipes, ride write-ups, and more great interviews and advice from the experts. Part two of our blog round up for 2017 is here - enjoy!

Bike Food: Gourmet Grilled Sandwiches

Grilled sandwiches by Anna Brones

Back in June, Anna Brones shared her favourite bicycle touring discovery with us: grilled bread. It might sound simple, but this recipe (or, as she puts it ‘guided description’) for grilled sandwiches shows how easily you can make a delicious end-of-the-day treat in the campsite using simple ingredients after a long day’s riding. Yum!

Meet the Maker: Bamboo Werk Arts

Barrett Werk building a bamboo bicycle frame

A fascinating insight into how bamboo bike builder Barrett Werk came to make his strong, lightweight, beautiful bamboo bikes. From testing the first prototype at a 24 hour mountain bike race to give him the confidence that bamboo was up to it as a frame building material, to how he chooses the right type of bamboo for bike-building, Barrett gives us the lowdown on his gorgeous, functional and sustainable bikes.

Shot from the saddle: top tips and kit advice from pro photographers

Cycling Photography by Pieter Van Hoorebeke

Cycling and photography naturally lend themselves to each other. On a bike, you see the world from a unique perspective, and often get to cycle through some really stunning scenery (or at the very least travel at a speed where you notice the small and beautiful details on a route). Taking some snaps on a ride is a great way to document and share your experiences - if you want to take it to the next level, these tips from the pros will show you how. This feature is a real feast for the eyes - wheet woo!

Road Riding Radelaide with Nathan Haas

Road Cycling in Adelaide

A lovely piece from Team Dimension Data rider Nathan Haas on the ride scene down under in Adelaide. Gorgeous photos and some great tips on where to ride from Haas and local ride buddies Carlee Taylor, Scott Sunderland and Mitch Mulhern. Beware - this blog might have you booking tickets to head over there before you can say Tour Down Under!

In Conversation With… Eliza Southwood

Eliza Southwood - Peloton
Eliza Southwood - Vuelta

In July we caught up with Eliza Southwood, printmaker, illustrator and keen cycling fan, who is particularly well known for her gorgeous cycling prints. We have long been fans of Eliza’s work here at Always Riding, so it was great to hear about some of the cycling-related pieces she has been working on, and to learn more about her art. Another real visual treat, you may well recognise her distinctive style in the pieces featured in the blog - enjoy!

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About the Rider: Anne
Anne’s unique selling points are her super-strong thumbs (a hangover from her days fitting Marathon Plus tyres) and her enthusiasm for cake (both baking and eating). When not sorting out returns, writing for the website or delving into complex customer questions, you’ll find her fixing up friends’ bikes or enjoying the ride.
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