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Dirt Road Tested - New Smith Forefront and Overtake Helmets

The Smith Forefront is a helmet with a difference. Building on the growing trend towards gravel racing, backcountry epics and off-road touring, Smith have created a do-it-all mountain helmet capable of handling treacherous rocky descents, hard-packed washboard, or foot-sucking sinewy singletrack with ease; and that's no small feat.

The Overtake heralded Smith's arrival on the bike helmet scene, and, putting tech aside, it's one of the comfiest cycling helmets that we've had the pleasure of trying out. Never a company to leave such things to chance, Smith did things right from the off, going back to bike community basics and putting helmets on the riders doing huge trail rides, races and adventures to see how they get on. Suffice it to say, the riders come back singing the Smith's praises.

In a world where tech is king, Smith are more than happy if you first notice the Forefront and Overtakes' stand-out style and design (hey, if you don't like the looks, you're not likely to wear it, right?), but of course, this being Smith, they've got the tech in spades, with MBR magazine calling the Forefront "the most cutting edge helmet around" - high praise indeed.



In one of Smith's Life Beyond Walls videos, Rosara Joseph, Sarah Rawley, and Liz Cunningham ride the backcountry mountains surrounding Oakridge, Oregon. Part race, tour and camp trip, the Trans-Cascadia looked like one heck of a ride! Check out the video above, and, for an immersive photo journal of the event, head over to the Smith site.



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