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En Route - New Season Pedla

With the latest imagery trickling in of the new season Pedla range, we consider ourselves in the Always Riding office both teased and tempted in equal measure. So - with the buzz building here, we really couldn't keep quiet much longer, not considering what this dynamic Australian road riding brand has and continues to offer. Their line of men's road cycling kit proved a hit, and with the instant success of their first women's range earlier this year, Pedla are looking to consolidate their position as the alternative brand for road cyclists looking for style as well as performance.

New Season Pedla

Springing up in that hotbed of independent entrepenurism known as Melbourne, Pedla are strident believers in the theory of real life application - which is why you'll find all their photography on the roads that they actually ride. With their aims encapsulated in the motto performance, style and culture, this brand is one that cares about aesthetic as well as final results.

New Season Pedla

A full year on from their first appearance here at Always Riding, we've witnessed this brand's ability to provide riders with a race fit and fashionable cycling kit has set them on a trajectory that has been ascending. In this, their most comprehensive collection yet, Pedla continue some of the old favourites alongside some bold new colourways and pieces, all the while maintaining that distinctly Australian adventuresome feel. Tapping into the core of what makes road riding so thrilling, this collection is set to go the distance.

So, come a long, scroll down, and check out some of the latest preview shots for some hints at what's just around the corner...

The Collection

Pedla Local Loops

Wind Cheater Gilet, New G2+ Knicks and Core Jersey

Pedla Local Loops

Watercolour Gilet, New Women's Core Jersey, G2 Knicks and Sleeve Skins

Pedla Local Loops

Ride Camo Gilet, G2 Navy Knicks and Core Jersey, plus new colorway Spinners Socks

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