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Finishing Kit - We Launch Our Handpicked Selection

As a sartorial commuter zooms past we crane our necks to see what they are riding; the road rider up ahead only serves as an incentive to chase them down. The reward, a good look at their choice of kit. This is the attention to detail that many cyclists pride themselves on and one that we hope to reflect in our handpicked selection of finishing kit. Our choices have been based on the brands themselves, reviews, recommendations, customer feedback and personal experience. Let us know what you ride and we can certainly help choose finishing kit to turn any bike into your own.

Bar tape is a hugely important part of your ride: a main contact point on the bike; grippy in the wet; comfortable on rough terrain and responsive on tricky descents. Not only this but it is visually one of the first things seen on a bike, get it right and you can expect long term comfort and admiring looks aplenty.

So which bar tape is for you? Lizard Skins offers pro peloton tested performance, whilst Arundel is befitting of the finest steel racer or cyclocross rig. Brooks is for the randonneur or commuter beauty whilst Supacaz, well, get the shades on as these reels fit the elbows out sprint king.

The humble bottle cage is overlooked like an old jersey on boxing day when in reality it is one of your most loyal servants. Carrying water, beer, coffee, baguettes - whatever your fuel - the unassuming bottle cage passes you what you need when you hit the wall. For this very reason you deserve a bottle cage befitting of your ride. For the purest, try Arudel's stainless steel cage; an eye for design may lead you to the PDW Bird and what better way to finish a carbon road speedster than with Arundel's carbon cages.


Arundel Steel Bottle Cage


We are open to suggestions as to what finishing kit goes down well with you, the Always Riding community, but we have already added Bar Fly Garmin Mounts and Lizard Skins Chainstay Protectors to our select range of finishing kit.

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