First Look - Alban Urban Pannier Bags

Sometimes a cycling bag just reaches out and grabs your attention. Perhaps it’s a certain blend of features, an original design, or even an eyebrow raising price point. And then there are the bags that combine all three, like the newly arrived Alban range.

Alban Double Pannier

Made with reassuringly thick cotton canvas, double-layered undersides and confidence-inspiring needle work, the Alban bag collection is a compact, currently 3 product line-up for the city-based cyclist. Comprising a tote, single and double panniers detailed with leather and vintage nickel trims, Alban stand apart from similar offerings though the use of a unique pannier connection that is both deceptively simple, and non-invasive off the bike.

Alban Tote Bag

Whilst certainly not a range for the weatherproof-seeking touring cyclist, Alban's urban pannier bags are certainly a line that should be on the purchase-radar of any simplicity-seeking cyclist.


Alban's home page

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