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Handmade in Italy - inside the Vittoria shoes factory

It's not often you get to see real craftsman at work, sound-tracked by a Metallica-esque thrash era metal track. However, that's just what this video, recently produced for the Discovery Channel inside the Vittoria shoes factory, manages to combine. So if you can forgive the wildly inappropriate music (they're not hot-rodding cars here), you can enjoy a peek behind the scenes and see the craftspeople at Vittoria creating in house some pretty amazing cycling shoes right in front of your eyes.

We're very much taken with the family history of Vittoria shoes, their proud made in Italy heritage, and the fact that they are the shoe brand of choice for pro riders such as Dan Martin, Luca Paolini & José Serpa. Check out the brand link below, and browse our soon to be growing collection of Vittoria shoes.

View Vittoria shoes in store.

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