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Headstrong - The Latest Giro MIPS Helmets

The old adage rings true as ever - "A good helmet is an investment in your future", and the latest collection of Giro MIPS Helmets certainly give a nice return on that outlay. Feature filled, lightweight and lovely to look at, the range has something for every type of rider and, furthermore, protection for every type of riding.

Featuring MIPS technology throughout, this latest range sets out to reduce the pressure exerted on the head by radial rather than linear impacts. The difference? Riding bikes involes momentum and direction, and not all crashes are as straightforward as to be straight forward. The innovative MIPS lining provides a level of protection from the turning and twisting motions that can otherwise strain and jolt the brain, elevating the Giro MIPS helmets above the standard editions of these luscious looking lids.

Giro MIPS Helmets

With grinding gears on granular gravel becoming ever more popular, the trailblazers at Giro have cunningly conjoured the 'his and hers' helmets, the Montaro MIPS and the Montara MIPS. In addition to MIPS technology, they boast better coverage, helmet mounting for your action sports camera and grooves for your goggle straps! With an adjustable P.O.V Visor, you can ride out under the sun, just as soon as you've found it...

With the Sutton MIPS the helmet for that every day hack and the Savant MIPS providing a entry level MIPS-equipped roadie lid for that full-gas thrash, this collection of Giro MIPS Helmets meets you at your needs.

The pinnacle of the collection remains of course, the sleek and stylised Synthe. It too, now sporting MIPS, comes with a Roc Loc Air fixture to reduce weight and an aero mesh to help cut through the air. Ever the looker, this lid is set to become staple on the pro tour scene, and one that you'll see nodding its way around France and Italy this year.

So, with a range as extensive and attractive as this, how could you not be tempted?

Giro MIPS Helmets





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