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Down Under's Finest - Babici Cycle Clothing

Since Cadel won the Tour, Australian cycling has been booming. Pro teams such as Orica Greenedge have driven a bus load (pun intended) of talent into the professional scene and have chalked up 100 professional wins for both their men and women's teams. Pulling in the draft of this veritable Vegemite-load of pro action is an emerging peloton of southern hemisphere cycling brands, with Babici cycle clothing the first to nestle comfortably into the Always Riding musette.



An initial drop of Babici cycle clothing is setting out on a movie-marathon flight from down under very soon and should be with us in the coming weeks. Babici is not unfamiliar with the northern hemisphere however, having taken much of its style inspiration from the greats of cycling. Italian tricolor accents and understated design provided a subtle nod to cycling's European heritage whilst the Mundial Jersey is a more assertive showing of affiliation.



Babici cycle clothing offers plenty of substance despite its style - European glamour and Australian no nonsense practicality have worked well together and this kit has been designed to be worn for long hard rides. Properly constructed Italo arm warmers keep you warm on those chilly alpine climbs whilst the Strato mesh base layer wicks sweat away on Gold Coast roads.



Attention to detail sets Babici out from a brand simply making jerseys inspired by yesteryear. Careful work with Italian fabric and chamois manufacturers has been combined with one of Australia's great exports, Merino wool, to give the Babici range a luxury feel. Simple branding and understated logos finish the jerseys giving them a pared down look.




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