Introducing the new 2014 Giro Shoes

Giro shoes for 2014 will be arriving at Always Riding in January - a flash of color to brighten up those dark winter days.


Giro Shoes


Other than throwing a serious amount of orange at the range Giro shoes inculde Easton's carbon expertise and a new fit system - more to come on those in later blogs.


Giro Shoes


Giro have not simply added more shoes for the sake of it but added some clever options to ensure there is a shoe that specifically fits your riding habits and regularity. Whether that be the Prolight or Factor racers, the super practical Civila or Republic or the go anywhere Terraduro / Terradura, Always Riding will heap in detailed descriptions, images and service to make sure you choose the right shoe for how you like to ride.


Giro Republic


Stay tuned for blogs on the new SuperNatural Fit Kit and a Giro Jargon Buster to explain just what all the tech in your Giro shoes means for you, the rider.

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