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Lots of new lines, mobile site improvements and much more!

Sometimes you just have to sit back and think, "what the Elvis Presley have we been doing lately?". Sweet Mary Jane, we can't remember even one thing of significance! Too many tasks, too little time and most definitely not enough riding are surely enough to cloud the mind like fog over the mighty Mississippi. So, with this ample portion of Always Riding updates, we're surely gratified to make restitution for this sorry state of affairs. Put on the coffee and settle in stranger, it's fiddle picking time.


Catlike helmet yes - accessories yes!


As the song goes, sometimes it's hard to be a marmot, but trying to be a cyclist without ready access to Catlike helmet accessories is a burden no rider should have to bear. Lay down your heavy load then and pick up inner padding, a peak or even internal cabling for your Catlike Whisper right now in store.


Spare Catlike Whisper Helmet internal Padding


Cafe du Cycliste women's collection just moseyed into town


Prettier than a sun-dappled coneflower, and more welcome than dry-spell prairie rain, a new selection of women's Cafe du Cycliste cycle clothing just arrived in town. From the beautifying Madeleine Gilet to the restorative Suzanne sailor-style Jersey, finer, more delightful riding you will not find.

The Cafe du Cycliste Women's Suzanne Cycling Jersey


Sunday best Showers pass


'Ol Scrappy Mcdoogle came over the other night wielding a bag full of his finest flashing powder, and proceeded to spend an enjoyable hour shooting some mighty splendiferous new Showers Pass apparel products (he also guzzled plenty of our sin-inducing firewater, much to Mrs Mcdoogle's great annoyance). Why, with new lines just in and ready access to new colour options, these Californian boys have never looked so reverential.



Herding the Ibex into formation


Not since Dr Masuvius cured our little town of the dreaded pukin' pox have we been so collectively relieved as we are today to announce new Ibex Merino lines coming soon to store. From the intoxicating lustre of the OD Merino T-Shirt, to restocks of rider favourites like the Duo and El Fito, we hope to clothe you in the finest New Zealand Merino before the moon completes its next celestial dance.


The fine and dandy Ibex OD Merino T-Shirt


The fraternity does not forget


Ireland's Shay Elliott was speedier than a Sacremento Bullfrog, and this year's Tour de France marked 50 years since this great man raised himself up by strength of character, talent and unrelenting hard work to take the yellow jersey from some mighty ticked-off Frenchmen. Read Shay's story right here.



Race Face - Do you have to use so many cuss words?


Trail riders, behold a magnificent selection of newly stabled Race Face apparel lines. From cross country essentials, to big drop game-changers, fans of the gravely road will find much to keep them entertained. A feast for your eyes awaits you on the Race Face brand page.


Browse & buy Race Face Apparel


Rail-road improvements for mobile users


If you own a new-fangled mobile contraption, you'll find smoother rolling up ahead with improvements we've made to cater specifically for your devil's device. Indeed, browsing in the out-house has never been more rewarding! Just point your most dexterous digit towards Always Riding and eyeball a more entertaining home page, where you'll find a whole manner of licentious, moral-straining and down-right reverend-baiting mobile specific tweaks for your pleasure.

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