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Made in Italy - where tradition meets technology

Italy's long affiliation with all things two wheeled has created an embarrassment of riches for the modern day cyclist. From bike saddles to tyres to even the resurgence of the metal bidon, Italian brands have powered the beating heart of the cycling industry for decades, often doing so with a manufacturing base in their home country and earning the right to pronounce 'Made in Italy' - a phrase fans of cycling lore hold so dear.


Northern Italy has a reputation, based on decades of knowledge and experience, for crafting some of the finest outdoor and work boots on the planet, and, over the past half a century, many of the major fashion houses have drawn on this same pool of talent. Keeping Italy's deep love for cycling in mind, it's no wonder that brands such as Vittoria and DMT grew out of the same manufacturing heartland.


Made in Italy


Despite a focus on traditional, hands on craftsmanship, Italy is also gaining a reputation for producing some of the most technically advanced processes and fabrics - many brands look to Italy for fabrics before manufacturing elsewhere. Take Babici for example, they import the fabric and chamois for the EDK3D Bib Short and then sew it in their native Australia for the very same benefits that keeping manufacture close to home allows. Indeed chamois from Dolomiti grace the gusset on many a bib short, whilst you will almost certainly find some Miti Lycra among your kit.


Italy's manufacturing core goes further than footwear though - brands like Brooks look to Italy for the manufacture of their bags and smaller accessories. Whilst the saddles are still made in Birmingham, the fabric palette and expertise that Italy can offer has produced some sumptuous results.


Similarly PEdAL ED make many of their jackets in Italy now; a tie up with Selle Royal has really broadened the design scope for founder and designer Hideto Suzuki.




And then there's Cinelli of course, Cinelli, the Italian cycling powerhouse. Although their origins lie in handlebars the eye catching designs and block color printed apparel is still made in Italy.

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