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Photo Journal - London Six Day Opening Night, the 1878 Cup

From the 18th - 23rd October, London is playing host to a thrilling Six Day racing event. Against a backdrop of eclectic entertainment, beer, pretzels and bin jumping (a favourite activity at the more rowdy Belgian skirmishes), some of the fastest riders on the world stage are going head to head around the swooping bends of the Lee Valley VeloPark. Throughout the event, Always Riding friend and top peloton snapper Andrew Peat is track-side, offering up an exclusive photo journal of the nightly sessions, although we can only hope the poor man does not eat his own weight in pretzels before the chaotic finale.

The following shots come from opening night, and the "1878 Cup", a sort of prologue to the main Six event if you will, and a one-off competition in its own right (won by Mark Stewart of 100% ME).


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