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Preview - Omata Analogue GPS Bike Speedometer

For any road rider laden with a seemingly endless array of bleeping, calorie counting, pixel-heavy tech on their bike (and increasingly on their person), there comes a time when riding free of distractions becomes more desirable than counting the minutiae of the ride.

It seems that we are not the only ones looking to reclaim handlebar real-estate from over-eager gadgets, which is why Omata are building the “world's first analogue GPS bike speedometer”; and holy cow if it isn’t just gorgeous!

Landing on Kickstarter soon, the Omata Speedometer measures speed (of course), distance, ascent and time in an easy to absorb format - in fact, all of the things that really count on the bike, all wrapped up in a retrograde interface that had us falling in love all over again with the right tech when we first found them on Instagram.

Omata-Analog Bike GPS Speedometer

Evidence of rider-centric design abounds on the speedo: just look at the 12 o’clock position of the ’18mph’ speed reading - the perfect cruise speed, and one that Omata wanted to put front and centre.

Details are thin on the ground right now, especially regarding post-ride connectivity information (if indeed that is a feature), but we are crossing every part that counts that Omata make production.


Update - Omata have confirmed that post-ride you’ll be able to connect over USB-C and eventually over BTLE with your smart phone to grab the data or send it to Strava. The good news is that they'll use the widely accepted GPX format.

Photos credit - Brian Vernor

Visit Omata to find out more - Omata

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