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Spotlight - De Marchi Heritage Cycling Jerseys

The sensation of holding a De Marchi Heritage Jersey is similar to that elation and nostalgia summoned by endlessly rewatching the dusty old film reels of Eddy Merckx tackling the Tour, and grinding around the Giro; they are simply beautiful demonstrations of cycling's long and esteemed history.

Taking their inspiration from the way cycling jerseys always were, the Heritage range from De Marchi features the very finest in woolen cycling apparel, made in the same way that Emilio De Marchi first set out producing his merino cycling jerseys. Celebrating Italian craftsmanship and style, the Heritage Collection is something for the bicycling connoisseur and those impassioned by sepia photographs, cotton caps and indomitable men of steel.

With polos and merino jerseys produced in conjunction with, and based on designs worn by Eddy Merckx, this collection is a purist's delight and a faithful expression of cycling's belle époque.


De Marchi Heritage Cycling Jerseys

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