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Crossing the Golden gate Bridge in San Francisco can be a tricky and bustling affair. Getting bored of the sorrys, excuse mes, coming throughs and on your rights that constituted a bell-less bike ride pushed Spurcycle founders Nick and Clint not only to decide to buy a bike bell, but to go the whole hog and design and make one themselves.

Spurcycle Bell

Like many an avid first time manufacturer not weighed down with shareholder demands for ever lower costs and profit, profit, profit, Nick and Clint's intention was as simple as it was refreshing: to make the best product they could. Combine engineering, design and manufacturing skill of such a high level and you usually end up with a winning product, and Spurcycle have done just that.

However, without dampening their ding, Spurcycle are not actually the first US component brand we've worked with to put a domestic, hands-on manufacturing process at the core of their ethos. We've seen Silca reemerge with the astoundingly good SuperPista Track Pump, and both Paul Components and Thomson's continued popularity undoubtedly comes down to the basic fact that they make products of unswerving quality.


The Spurcycle Bell, although expensive, can back up its price tag. Nick & Clint are clear about their manufacturing process, about who makes the bells, and the traceability of the materials involved. Moreover this bike bell has consistently topped want lists, best of products, and influential publication's top 10s.

This is no ordinary bicycle bell slapped on an urban commuter as an afterthought; this is a beautiful gift to be cherished for a lifetime—which happens to be the length of its guarantee.

Bicycling Magazine

Spurcycle have continued approach with the release of the Key Clip; a handy key fastener and part time bottle opener - why not use the machinery and tooling they have at their disposal?! Surely this as a repeatable model for smaller manufacturers; Silca, Paul and now Spurcycle can do little wrong when unwavering quality and aftercare is at the center of their model.

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