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'Tis The Season To Get Muddy!

Ah, the wind in your hair, the grit in your teeth, and the tantalising danger of turning a blind corner and mowing down a frantically bleating sheep - it can all only mean one thing! Yes sir, the hose-it-down-she'll-be-alright-oh-jesus-don't-aim-it-at-the-hubs-you-maniac season is among us! Rejoicings!

Full of the sort of rides that turn things purple and cause frankly already quite petite things to get, err, petiter, yet it still remains our favourite time of year to get out on the bike. I mean, what's not to love? The freedom, the cake stop, the sharp intake of rudely cold air that threatens to turn off the lights but weirdly powers you on to really grapple with the day, rough it up, and return a better 'enter gender here'. The fact that you have to spend 3 hours defrosting in a Celine Dion* soundtracked candle-lined* bath makes no matter, you did it, you magnificent b*stard!

*A renowned Big Wailer in the ballad-stylings. The sort of stirring emotional lament a real 'enter gender here' needs when winding down after bike-time.

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