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Cyclists can all benefit from riding with Merino Wool clothing, yet a lot of talk is made about this wonder fabric, and it can be hard separating fact from ficton. Come with us then, as we demystify the world of Merino, and list the top 5 reasons you should take it for a spin on your next bike ride.

Natural Aircon Dr Watson

Merino is what you might call an 'active' fabric, constantly striving to balance the cyclist's temperature through the absorption & release of moisture. It's all pretty awesome, and we call it 'natural air conditioning'.

Merino's interior is 'hydrophilic', which means that it attracts moisture, whilst the exterior is 'hydrophobic', which means that it repels water. Now, let's pretend you are riding in a cool, damp environment, how would this help you? In order to preserve precious body temperature, Merino would absorb moisture from your skin, and in doing so, release a small but perceptible amount of heat. This heat is generated through a chemical reaction that occurs when the water vapour binds to the chemical structure of the Merino fibre, preventing the chilling of the wearer that can occur with man made fabrics.

But wait, there is more! Merino is also quite amazing for hot rides, absorbing moisture faster than you can say 'Hot Damn!' (faster indeed, than any man made fabric can), and releasing it into the atmosphere toot sweet.

Fire Safety - Little Jimmy is safe for now

Merino fibre is naturally flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. Plus, if fire does take hold, it won't melt like synthetic fabrics do. This is all good news for your planned rescue of Little Jimmy, who, in a desperate bid for the heart of swoonsome Deberah Winkle, you plan to rescue from an 'accidental' oil slick fire at the school swimming baths during Class 2B's bronze level Brick Diving examination.

Merino is quiet and unobtrusive to wear, unlike the apparel of 'Duct Tape Man', who cycles past you each day with amazing speed, but crinkles like crackers. Damn you Duct Tape Man!

Odour resistant - thanks darling

You move, you stink - such is life. Luckily for you, Merino's natural anti-microbial properties are renowned as effective odour blockers. The key to Merino's anti-smell properties is of course, good old nature.

Each tiny Merino fibre consists of thousands of overlapping scales, which coupled to the inherent high level of moisture absorption, provide a poor environment for bacterial growth. In the reality of your next bike ride, be it road, trail or work commute, wearing Merino apparel will make your buddies at the Tea Stop buy you more cake, friendly Squirrels share their nuts, and office chums cheer as you stride into the late meeting. Who wouldn't want all of that?

Silence is golden

Merino is quiet and unobtrusive to wear, unlike the apparel of 'Duct Tape Man', who cycles past you each day with amazing speed, but crinkles like crackers. Damn you Duct Tape Man! Luckily, his smug days are numbered, because with merino, you'll be surprised and impressed with your ability to move through the landscape with stealth and grace.

No worries wearing

The surface properties of Merino fibre, mean that spills can be easily wiped away before causing permanent staining. That celebratory drink after the successful rescue of Little Jimmy needn't result in a large and unsightly dry cleaning bill my friends!

Hopefully you have found our quick guide to Merino Wool enlightening, so why not browse our range of Merino Wool cycling clothing in store.

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