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So my size is? Using the insole for cycling shoe sizing

We get a lot of apparel sizing questions at Always Riding, but increasingly we have also been receiving queries from riders looking for some help with cycling shoe sizing before making a purchase. Whether a rider wants to move over from an existing brand to try something new, or is looking to make a cycling shoe purchase for the first time, the question most asked is 'what size would I be in x brand??', and one we are always more happy to help with.

Insole in one hand, measuring tape in the other

The simplest way to determine your shoe size for a new brand is to measure the insole of your existing cycling shoes. If you don't have a pair to hand and this is your first purchase, then please take an insole measurement from around 2-3 of your other non-cycling shoes, and work out the average length.

Taking the measurement

Your insole will allow for two length measurements, a useable length and a full length. The useable length is the area where your foot will fit, whereas the full length is the end to end length of the insole that may include a ridged area at the back that cups the heel slightly and that the foot does not sit on. Feel free to take both measurements, but the end to end measurement is the most important. Finally, you may also wish to take the width measurement at the widest point of the insole.

Where we come in

Armed with your insole measurements, email us with the details, letting us know the shoe model you are looking for at Always Riding, and we will measure it here for you, letting you know which size corresponds most closely to your measurements. Whilst not 100% perfect, it is a reasonably good way of making sure the shoe you eventually buy from us is as near as possible the right size for your feet.

So, just to clarify all of that, here's what you do:

1. Take your insole measurements as detailed above
2. Email us with your measurements and tell us which cycling shoe at Always Riding you are interested in
3. We email you back with the exact size that best corresponds to your measurements

That's it! We hope you find this a helpful service, but if we can answer any other questions then please don't hesitate to email us.

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