Bike Tights - Women

A great pair of winter women's cycling bib tights are essential for colder weather, allowing you to keep pedalling through the winter season in both warmth and comfort. But when are they necessary? It is often easiest to pop outside to 'test the water' before getting fully geared up for a ride, to avoid that awkward moment when you're already outside and about to set off when you realise that it is actually rather cold, and that a few hours' riding with bare legs could get quite uncomfortable. If, after stepping outside, you can feel the cold on your legs almost immediately, it is probably a good day for some bib tight action!
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Most cyclists prefer the simpler option of having a chamois inside the bib tights, rather than using a bib tight-shorts combo to provide the necessary padding. You can buy bib tights without a chamois, but we feel that it is much more rewarding in the long run to spend a little more and go for a padded version.

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